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Scrapture Quilt with a border

When completing a scrapture, I am often undecided about how to finish it. Should I put a simple binding on it, or should it be fully framed. What do you think?

Sometimes I use just binding, and in others I have used a larger frame, as in this example where the actual picture is inside a larger frame. ARE_0363small

I always free-motion quilt the frame as well, but much less heavily than the actual picture part. ARE_0364small

blog imageThis is a scrapture. What is a scrapture? It’s a picture made from scraps, of course. Fabric scraps, particularly cotton. There’s a reason for using cotton, but I’ll get to that later. First I have to tell you that this is my very first post on my first blog, so I hope you’ll forgive my learning path here and the mistakes I’ll make.

This scrapture is called “Orchid on My Window Sill.” It’s small – just 9 inches by 12 inches.

I loved the way the winter sunlight coming in the window lit up parts of the blossoms and filtered through the leaves. So I took several photos of it, and printed out the ones I liked best then used them to help me remember where to put the small, coloured cotton scraps just where I wanted them. Some elements of this scrapture are larger. This is one of the few scraptures that has many larger elements – mostly the parts of the window frame and the background. Continue reading “My First Post” »